The village of Champallement is located in Burgundy in the heart of the Nièvre department nearby the middle mountains of the Morvan and de wine area along the river Loire.

The surrounding landscape is authentic, lovely and tranquil with many views. It is a hilly area where you go back in time, no rush and you can still hear the silence. It offers a variety of forest, meadow with grazing cattle,  fields of sunflower and grain, criss-crossed by narrow rural roads, quiet hamlets and streams. There are many castles to visit with their beautiful gardens and many medieval towns and villages. And, of course, every village has a flea market during the high season.

There is only little traffic, therefor it's perfect for long cycle- and hiking tours. The possibilities are endless in the immediate vicinity. We have various walking & cycling routes and maps ready for you.

Logement Champallement is located on 2 hiking trails of approximately 3 hours each and various cycling trails. But you can also take various short walks from the Logement of less than an hour.

There is also the possibility to go for a swim or for a few hours of sailing . A fifteen minute drive away is a swimming lake with the appropriate name ‘étang du Merle', the blackbird lake, and you will find the Canal du Nivernais where many boats sail.

We provide a large folder with all kinds of tourist information at a distance of max. 60 kilometers.

 10 tips from our guests

We made a selection by asking our guests what they would recommend to new guests.

Favorite picks from our 2022 guests:

1. Walking route “Circuit du site de Compierre”. Length: 14 km Duration: about 3.5 hours. 

“It is special that you find this ancient excavation so close by.” (Job and Siets)

Just outside Champallement you will find the Gallo-Roman remains of Compierre. This walking route leads you there via the town of St. Revérien, where the St. Jacques de Compostella walking route also runs. Be sure to visit the Romanesque church from the 12th century with frescoes from the 15th century and a breathtaking panoramic view. The route then runs through the forest via the Gallo-Roman remains back to the village of Champallement.

2. Cycling day trip along the 180 km long canal of Nivernais (length 55 km, easy to extend or shorten).

 “We enjoyed the very varied landscape. We recommend this wonderful bike ride”. (Toon)

The 1st part of the tour you cycle through a wetland area along the most beautiful canal in France via a shaded cycle path. Along the way, you pass 16 colored locks a short distance from each other and find artists and potters in the old lockkeeper's houses. The cycle route leads to the lakes of Vaux and Baye where you can take a swim and have lunch in restaurant ‘la Marine’. The 2nd part of the bike ride takes you back to Champallement through a wooded area with amazing views.”

3. A visit to the quiet ‘Lac de Pannecière’ in the Parc Natural Régional du Morvan.

“It was a beautiful secret spot.”(Andreas)

No motor vessels are allowed and you will find various peninsulas where you can swim in peace and have a picnic on a 'deserted' beach. From the town of Chaumard you can take various beautiful walks and there is also a restaurant with a terrace on the water. You can drive there in 45 minutes via a beautiful route.

4. A day trip to the famous pilgrimage town of Vézelay (44 km) combined with a visit to Château de Bazoches (35 km).

“A day full of highlights; medieval town with a beautiful cathedral and stunning views, nice tourist shops, good food and a very lovely castle. Recommended!” (Ellen)

Vézelay is located on a green hill on the edge of the Morvan on the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela. There are parts of the old city wall and there are many beautiful squares with historic buildings, shops and restaurants. Our guests always find it a pleasant trip; 'between the tourists'. The highlight, literally, of the city is the Basilica Sainte-Madeleine. The castle of Bazoches was built in 1180 by Jean de Bazoches. During the reign of Louis XIV, it was the home of Vauban, one of France's most famous master builders at the time. You can partially visit the castle.

5.Half day cycling tour around Champallement. Length: 35 km Duration: about 3 hours.

“The bike ride to Arthel  was a surprisingly beautiful trip!” (Anne)

You first cycle to the picturesque village of Arthel. Take a walk through this beautiful village up to the  castle. You cycle through the valley via the artists' hamlet of Soffin and Athiou. There is a beautiful picnic spot along the water along the way. You can drink coffee at the village square of Brinon-sur-Beuvron, after which you cycle on to Beaulieu which means 'beautiful place'.  In Beaulieu you can see the village of Champallement on top of the rock, with the castle and the B&B next to it.

6.The little booktown La Charité-sur-Loire (43 km) is located on the right bank of the Loire and is connected to the town of Chapelle-Montlinard on the left bank by a medieval bridge.

“I enjoyed browsing around the bookshops and left with a French book!” (Paul)

In the Middle Ages, the city was a trading town and monastic center and even today it is still a staging point on the famous pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela. Book events are organized in the city throughout the year, such as the Nuit du Livre in August. Every 3rd Sunday of the month from October to March there is a book market.



7. Hiking route : La Vallée de Beuvron via the hamlets of “Olcy en Thory”. Length: 10 km Duration: 2 hours

“Seen a fox for the first time!” (Maloe)

La Vallée de Beuvron is a wide valley with beautiful views. Via agricultural foodpaths you walk through fields and forest area. Along the way you will find cattle, deer and foxes and 2 hamlets.

8. Along the Loire is the famous wine town of Sancerre (45 km) where you can enjoy a glass of white wine 'Sancerre' when you visit the wine museum.

“Beautiful combination; cycling along the magnificent banks of the Loire to this splendid historic town Sancerre, relaxing there with delicious wine! What more can you ask, right?" (Marianne)

How nice is it to cycle from Pouilly-sur-mer to Sancerre by bike. Grab a bite in Sancerre and cycle back along the other side of the Loire.

9. In the medieval town of Clamecy (32 km), the Yonne and Beuvron flow together with the Nivernais Canal.

“All those medieval half-timbered houses that are still in tact!” (Marcel)

You can walk alongside the banks of the various rivers that converge in the city. The city was known as a bishop's town between 1225 and the French Revolution and has old half-timbered houses and various historic buildings. In the center of the city is the birthplace of the 1915 Nobel Prize winner for literature Romain Rolland, ‘Musée d'Art et d'Histoire Romain’. There are also plenty of restaurants. L'Angelus in particular is mentioned by our guests. The menu is traditionally French, composed with care, but you can also eat à la carte. It’s a restaurant from 1569 overlooking the beautiful church of the medieval town of Clamecy.

10. Guédelon (59 km) a ‘must see’ for those who are interested in architecture and history.

“Very interesting, really never seen before.” (Rainer)

It is a castle under construction where volunteers and researchers have been building a 'new' medieval castle for twenty years using authentic materials and techniques. People from all over the world come here to admire this original way of building. All our guests who visited it are very impressed.